topics to talk about with my boyfriendAre you wondering what to talk about with your boyfriend? You know, love and affection can be explained by the oxymoron, painful pleasure, because sometimes you need to do specific things that you don’t enjoy doing; like choosing things to talk about with your boyfriend.

The fact is men get bored with topics in which they don’t have a real interest in. Which means the majority of the time it’s left up to you, as his significant other, to quickly discover where his true interest lies. But Hey! Let’s face it! Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to get our lover to open up and tell us what they truly like.

Think about it this way, your man may be one of the ones, who finds it difficult to share his true feelings. If so you have to knock those naturally raised barriers down and earn his trust. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to talk about what he likes to do. Yes! I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, what if I don’t have any interest or knowledge about the topic at all?” Well, guess what girlfriend, if you want to have a protracted conversation, with your beau, you’re going to have to suck it up; project some interest and at least a little bit of understanding about the topic being discussed. But it doesn’t have to be a complicated process either.

One of the easiest things to talk about with your man is food. Almost everyone enjoys talking about food and beverages. And I’m willing to bet you and your man really enjoy good food and a great drink along with it. Chances are your first date involved having a meal or drink together. Therefore you know right off the bat, food is something you both have interest and perhaps a passion about. The wonderful thing about talking about food is it often opens the door for moving on into talking about another of his interest.

And music happens to be one of those open end conversations, that most men like to talk about. Once again another subject you and he both will very likely have an interest in. Even if you both have a different taste in the type of music, it is really easy to find a common ground about songs you both enjoy. The truth is discussions about music, can often lead into talking about love and romance, which in turn can lead into a more intimate conversation.

Naturally you know where I’m headed with this conversation. Yep! You guessed it; sex or you might prefer bedroom talk. Talk about a way to grab your man’s attention and hold it; face it girlfriend you will have his undivided attention. You may have to lose a little bit of your inhibitions, to talk about the more intimate parts of your relationship and sex life, but it will serve you well by doing so.

These are just 3 tips on things to talk about with your boyfriend. There are many more such as reading, movies, world events, politics and hundreds of others. However, it still comes back on you to learn what truly interest your man.

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