does my boyfriend still love meDoes my boyfriend really love me, you ask? It is totally normal that you sometimes have certain doubts when it comes to your relationship. A lot of people feel this kind of doubts as their relationship continues to grow; While they know that their boyfriend is interested, they will question whether or not their boyfriend still loves them.

If you find yourself asking ‘Does my boyfriend still love me?’, there are a few simple signals that you can look for. These 4 positive signals will give you a better idea of your beau’s feelings toward you.

He Cares about your Emotions

Does your boyfriend constantly ask you about your emotions? If you find that our boyfriend asks you if you are ok, or if you are upset, you can know that they still love you. This shows that your boyfriend is interested in your emotions, and your emotional well-being. If they didn’t love you, they would not be interested in your emotions or feelings.

He Buys you Gifts

Does your boyfriend surprise you with small gifts? Is he paying attention to the things that you want, or the things that you like, and getting them for you? This can be a clear signal for you, highlighting how your boyfriend feels about you. If your boyfriend is buying you gifts, you can be sure that he still loves you.

He Hates Break-Up Talk

You may be questioning the emotions of your boyfriend because of talks that you may have had. If you and your boyfriend have talked about breaking up, it can be easy to feel as though they do not love you.

You need to look into the nuances of your conversation to understand how you should take the conversation. Does the conversation topic bother your boyfriend? If he doesn’t like thinking about the idea of breaking up with you, he still loves you.

He’s Planning for the Future

It can be easy to question the strength of your relationship. It is normal to wonder about your boyfriend and whether or not he still loves you.  One of the easiest ways to calm these fears is to notice when your boyfriend includes you in his future. If your boyfriend is planning his future and includes you in these future plans, you know that he loves you. He would not think about you and consider you in his future plans if he did not love you.

These 4 signals will all be able to give you a good indication of your significant others emotions. If you want to fully understand these emotions, however, you need to talk to your soul mate. Have a serious talk with them about their feelings and about your relationship. When you find these four positive signals and have a positive talk with your boyfriend, you will feel as good about your relationship as possible.

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