he broke up with me how to get him backBreaking up with someone you are still in love with can be devastating. If you have recently gone through a painful breakup, you might be asking yourself if there are any emotional secrets to get him to come back. As a matter of fact, getting your ex back really isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Yes, right now it might seem impossible and you are probably thinking that it will never happen but I am telling you that it is entirely within the realm of possibilities that you can get him back since couples get back together every day on this planet. So why not you and yours?

You are probably completely devastated and wondering exactly you’re going to do to get him back. Maybe you can’t stop crying. Maybe you don’t want to eat or you are eating uncontrollably to overcome that empty feeling. Maybe you want to talk about it all the time or maybe you’ve gone into your shell and just want to be alone until he comes back. You are very emotional right now and rightly so! On a scale from one to ten, a breakup can be a life altering experience that is only surpassed by actually losing a partner to death, so that should give you some perspective on the situation.

Of course, along with the emotions that you are experiencing come what may be some poor decision making skills at the moment. Trust me; there will come a day in the not too distant future when you will realize that trying to call, text, email or talk to your ex at this moment in time is only hurting your chances of getting your ex back. It makes you appear weak and needy. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is the truth.

You Need Belief In Yourself – In order for you to get him back it is of primary importance that you believe in yourself and your ability to get him back. Without that confidence or at least knowledge that this is possible you are doomed before you have even started. You need to believe in your worth as a woman and in particular as the woman that he loves in order for you to successfully win him back.

How do you get this confidence? Think about it this way. Once upon a time he loved you very much. He loved you enough to enter into a relationship with you. Those feelings never really die. Yes, they can be overshadowed by hurt, jealousy, anger and a host of other feelings but the fact remains that if he fell in love with you once he can fall in love with you again

You Need To Get Yourself Back – You need to spend some time getting back to being the woman that he fell in love with, of course. In order to get him back you need to think about what you were like back when he fell in love with you. Chances are you were a lot more happy, carefree and fun and there wasn’t a whole lot of pressure concerning the relationship. Right now if you were to contact him or run into him the only thing that he is going to be thinking is that you are just trying to get him back.

Forget about worrying about getting him back right now. The important thing is to be happy yourself. The reasoning behind this is three-fold. First, happy people are more attractive. Second, you deserve to be happy and nobody is going to do that for you right now but you. And third, you have everything to be happy about because you are going to get him back after all, right?

You Need A Plan – By using a few of the tips in this short article you will already have a part of the foundation of a plan to get him back. By working on yourself a little bit; your attitude, your happiness and your firm conviction that you can and will get him back if that is what you really want, you are well on your way to having him back in your loving arms once again. Just be sure that you remember that getting him back is one thing. Keeping him is the often challenging part of the relationship equation.

For more information on how to get your ex back go to our Relationship Articles Library. Learn tips and tricks that can help you to get him back quickly and easily. Good Luck!

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