pain of break upAre you wondering how to get over a painful break up? Well, have you ever heard the expression “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”?

As you start your break up recovery you can focus on how to get stronger for that next big relationship in your life. You may need to do a pulse check to make sure your heart is still beating, but more than likely it still is. While losing this relationship may have caused your heart to stop for a little while, it will beat again. While you are learning that your heart will go on, try focusing on some things that will help you from repeating mistakes that may have been made in your last relationship so you don’t go through them again. Here are some things that might help you in the future.

Become secure in yourself. If you want to have a relationship that is secure, then try being more secure. If you need therapy then get it. Find ways to feel good about yourself and expect nothing but the best. If this new relationship is going to be grounded, it will need someone to be grounded in. Don’t expect it to be the new person. Don’t look for security in the new love. Look for it in yourself. Not only will this help you in the way you look and feel about yourself, it will help you look more attractive to others.

Responsibility should be shared. In many failed relationships most of the work is done by only one person. A good and solid relationship takes two people putting in equal effort. If both people are working towards the relationship’s success then it will most likely endure. Look for and expect a 50-50 split in the load shared. This may mean more work from you and it may mean holding your new partner to a higher standard. In either case it is well worth it. If someone isn’t working in it, you have to question just how important it is to them. If both don’t see the value then there might not be much to work for.

Learn to communicate better and more lovingly. Communication break down is often one of the symptoms and sometimes the cause of a failed relationship. It could mean you learning to talk more or less. Train yourself to listen more. Ask for your new love’s opinions on things and don’t dominate discussions. Don’t allow them to dominate your discussions either. You have a voice, use it to voice your concerns and feelings. A key to learning how to communicate better is in training ourselves to respond better. Does your initial response sound harsh or defensive? Your tone and word choice can make situations much worse than they need to be.

The key to having a successful break up recovery is to come out of it better, stronger, and smarter becoming more prepared for the next relationship. What will make the difference between success and failure is what you bring into the relationship and how you come into it.

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