My now ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend of a year broke up with me three weeks ago (btw i’m a girl). We have an apartment together and things have been horrible! If I try to talk to her I’m not giving her the space she wants, but if I give her the space she wants I’m being rude. She treats me like crap and has made it well aware that I cared about her more because I have been the only one fighting to keep the relationship alive.

Now I have no idea what to do because I feel depressed in the apartment! I live about six hours away from my home and my family thinks its best to come home, but I really love my apartment. My ex is also bringing this guy over the apartment and last night he slept over while I was there. I was completely devestated, and when I tried to ask her what was going on she said "I don’t owe anything to do, I live my own life, I can do whatever i want". It has only been three weeks since the freakin breakup, and what the hell is this guy a rebound or something?

After we broke up she said she can’t be someone she’s not, but I feel like she’s living in denial about her sexuality because you can’t just switch your emotions so quickly and forget about somebody like that and move on. Does it seem like she is trying to make me jealous and make me more miserable than I already am? I don’t deserve this, I thought she was the love of my life :(

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