I was in a relationship for a little over a year. about around November last year I for some reason thought I was not sure of what I wanted and I started talking to this girl I met online she lived in the same state as I and we talked online then started sending text over the phone. We never did anything or dated or met and that ended after a few weeks. My girlfriend found out and was very hurt that I would cheat on her, we got over that but then in December I started flirting with a friend of my roommate it never got further than that. I treated my girlfriend (who I was arguing with everyday) really bad during this time which I am very sorry for. Nothing never happened with this girl either but my ex thinks so and now she is gone, because I told her everything. What can I do to get her back or is there nothing I can do. Now she is sending telling me she will find someone to date by next weekend and call me while she is on her date so i can get the hint. How can I stop her

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