5 ways to get your ex backWhats the best way to try and get my ex back?

We dated for over 2.5 years and then she broke up with me. It seemed sudden to me because i thought things were going great. She told me she just wasnt having fun with me, and shes been hanging out with this other guy that she says she has fun with. Its been about a month and a half since we broke up. For the last two weeks shes been calling me every day.

We still talk like we are in a relationship, we joke around with each other and she still flirts with me. She will call me when she is having a bad day or if she has something bothering her. She tells me that she doesn’t know if it will work with this guy.

I try to be as good of a friend as I can. The other night she called and we talked for two hours. She told me she misses talking to me and I’m her best friend. I would do anything to get her back. Do u think shes starting to rethink what she did and does she actually miss me? Is there anything i can do to try and get her back? Your help is really appreciated.

It is possible that she does really like you again. I would try and get her back. By her saying she misses talking to you maybe she’s trying to hint that she likes you.

And if she’s calling you everyday and says she misses you then she must really miss you. I think you should tell her how you feel even if she does turn you down. You have to be willing to wear your heart on your sleeve to prove to her that you really o love her and wanna be with her.

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