romantic ways to get your ex backI need a super romantic idea!

long story short I need to help win my girlfriend or I guess I should say ex-girlfriend back. we hang out all the time.

Some days we act like were dating some days we don’t. well I always do but some days she doesn’t treat me like that. I already treat her greatly I do everything for her but now I need a romantic idea that will make her cry. In a good way. Once before when we were fighting I just grabbed her and kissed her. She cried because of that because she said it was so perfect.

I need something like that. if it helps we are both 19, have been together for 5 years, were in college and have jobs so I can’t sweep her up and take her on vacation or ask her to marry me or ask her to get an apartment with me.

What else can I do?

Guys, what have you done for girls that worked really well?

Girls, what would make you cry if a guy did it for you?

I wrote her a poem once and she really liked it but I can’t do it again because I want something new.

Please help me and thank you for your help!

Chosen Answer:

Surprise her one night after work with a bouquet of roses and dinner at a nice restaurant. You don’t have to be all dressed up for this, and neither does she.

After dinner, take her by the hand and go for a walk. Tell her how you feel about her, and ask her how she feels about you.

Let her know that you will always be there for her, will always care for her, will always love her, no matter what happens. She’ll love it.

Good luck Romeo ;)

Ways to Get Your Ex Back – Best Tips!

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