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need advice about getting an ex back?

it’s been 7 months since my ex broke up with me (he said he “just wasn’t feeling it anymore”and that he just didn’t want a relationship at that time) and i’m still not completely over him. we haven’t talked at all these past 7 months. i think i want to try and get back together with him, also i know that he’s still single and he hasn’t dated anyone since we broke up. i’ve done a lot of self work, i’ve lost 70 lbs and dyed my hair blonde (i look the best i’ve ever looked) and i’ve been seeing a therapist for months now, so i consider myself emotionally stable. how should i go about contacting my ex? should i stage a “bump into” or should i just call him up and ask him to get together (that seems a bit forward and out of the blue)? what do you guys think? he also said that he couldn’t deal with me being sad all the time. but thanks to therapy, i’ve dealt with those issues and no longer battle depression. how can i make this evident to him?

From personal experience, calling him is the only way to ease back into a friendship which may lead to something more. If you call him, don’t talk about how you used to go out, start over fresh. After four months, a girl called me back after I broke up with her after a long relationship, and now we are amazing friends.
As for showing your stable? Don’t make therapy a major topic of conversation, after awhile of talking to you, he will realize how things have changed.

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