get my ex back spell
Can a real wiccan or witch help me to?

Cast a spell for me to bring my ex back. Im sierra nicole brewster and his name is Darrin Hayes knuckles. I miss him so much and i will do anything to get him back. I love him and want him to love me like never before. Please someone i strongly believe in wiccans and i need help please

I don’t think you understand either Wicca or Witchcraft.
Listen dear. if your ex wants to get back with you he will tell you.
If he doesn’t want to get back with you, why would you wish to manipulate him, if such a thing where possible?
Life goes on, and i really do know what i am talking about. My husband of 20 years recently left me.
Move on, it’s the only way.

Broken heart relationship advice – Ex back formula

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