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So, you want to get back together with your ex again and believe that a free get ex back spell is able to fulfill your dream?

Maybe you’re thinking “what have I actually go to lose when I’ve already lost the love of my life”.

This article gives you useful insights in how a spell to get your ex back works in general and also how it can assist you in your fight to get back together with your ex again.

There are few things on this planet that can match the power of a well planned but sincere apology for delivering magical results. Free spells to get your ex back can only get you so far.

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Learning the right way to apologize each and every time will do so much more for your relationship once you’ve managed to get your ex back.

Don’t take my word for it though. Try it out on something small with someone that doesn’t hold your heart in his or her hands. You’ll see that learning to apologize the right way will give you a tremendous amount of power.

A word of caution though – it doesn’t matter how many times you apologize if you go forth and repeat the dumb same mistake over and over again. You need to learn from your mistakes and not just repeat and apologize. The power of the apology only goes so far.

You’ve been there. You know what it’s like on both sides of the apology. You’ve heard the apologies that don’t ring true or that sound as if they are hurting the person delivering them. You want your apology to be sincere, heartfelt, and as brief as possible. The fewer words the less chance you have of sticking your foot in your mouth.

So, what is the best way to go about delivering an apology that is sure to knock the socks off your ex and have your ex seeing you in a different light?

Put it in Writing

We live in a high tech world. Going low tech despite all the options at your disposal will make a much larger impression. Emails are easily deleted, voice mails ignored, text messages passed over sight unseen. A letter though, hand written and delivered by postal carrier will be noticed.

Accept Blame

Shoulder the burden of responsibility – even the blame you feel doesn’t belong to you. Don’t offer excuses, don’t push blame elsewhere, and most definitely do not attempt to shift blame to your ex. No free spells to get your ex back will overcome that giant step in the wrong direction.

Explain the Consequences

If you really want to get your ex back, your apology should also explain how the consequences of the misdeed have impacted you.


Make sure you do this without putting any blame on your ex. Try something like: “I know it was insensitive of me to book a business trip on our anniversary. I’m so sorry. Not only did I disappoint you and let you down, but I also missed out on that special time we could have enjoyed together.”

Let your ex know that you were hurt as a result too. Sometimes there’s a little bit of evil in all of us that likes to know you suffered (just a teensy bit more in some cases) as much as the injured party feels he or she suffered.

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Free spells to get your ex back hold no candle to the immense power of an apology that is delivered with great care and designed to get a positive response while being honest and sincere. Learn more about the magic of second chances when you watch this free video:

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