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Best way to have your ex come back to you?

No story…this is my plan, advice?

After talking to a minister and a **** ton of friends I have concluding that first I have to give her her space…Dont talk to her until she talks to me first, that way I know she has gotten all the space she needs, then build a friendship, because we never had a friendship really, we just jumped into a relationship, it was like building a 3 story building without the second floor, so without friendship, obviously those feelings wont last, and the building will collapse. While being friends, go shopping together, movies, and variety of things, instead of just going to my or her house, we never had variety.. and then once we have a friendship, we can finally get back together and have true feelings for each other, because love just doesnt go away

It takes two to tango, it takes two people to build a good relationship, two people to commit to each other. If one of them is not willing to do that, then nothing is going to work. The plan that you’ve made is what you want, it is what you’re expecting to be, but that doesn’t mean she has the same thought same desire as you want/have. Communication is important, so sit her down and have a talk, ask her how she feels about it/ what she wants, tell her what you think/what you want. If she doesn’t want to get back, then move on. You can’t expect /force someone to come back if the person didn’t want to.

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