Are you looking for a Get Your Ex Back Quiz?As you most probably have realized, there is a ton of information and a plethora of strategies these days to get your ex back, but the most important key is to be positive and think critically about what happened and what to do next.

There is no point in dwelling in past mistakes, because the only thing that lives in the past museums. You need to learn from your past mistakes and then make better choices for the future.

Ninety percent of the break are reversible so you have a good change to get your ex back no matter what you feel right now. It does not matter if it was your fault or their fault. Mistakes are a part of growing. Someone once said that to increase your success rate, increase your failure rate. The more you fail, the more experience you want.

The first step to getting your ex back is to work on yourself. Do not try to make contact with your ex like crazy by sending them a thousand text message or calls like crazy. Leave them alone for now. Let them miss you a little. They will never forget you right away, no matter what your mind tells you. Your mind plays trick on you sometimes, and we all need to get our minds and think critically.

Make sure you have learned all the things that you could have done better in the relationship. Read some books and make yourself more attractive by buying some new clothes and exercising. Learn the proper ways of communication by practicing the method of listening more than talking. People are more attracted to those who listen and consider their feelings.

The next step in how to get your ex back is to contact them. Ask them to go to lunch or take a trip somewhere. When you meet with them, ask many questions. Especially about their feelings and what they think you should have done better. Do not get defensive. Let them express themselves fully. Remember, everyone has their own perception of reality.

To get your ex back, you must prove your ex that things will get better by making them believe it unless you just force them to think so. You can not force others to believe you. You must prove to them that things will definitely be better and you both do belong together.

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