I am working in a MNC and I got married in Feb’09. I am from B’lore and my husband is from hyderabad. Before marriage my husband didnt want me to quit my job instead he wanted me to take a transfer to hyderabad. When I asked him what if I dont get a transfer immediately for that he told until you get a transfer you be in bangalore and we will meet up in the weekends. I dont know what happened to him all of a sudden, 15days before the marriage he wanted me to resign the job and I was not in a position to resign as I had taken a loan from my office. I told him that I would try for a transfer even he agreed. Every now and he keeps changing sometimes he tells resign and sometimes he tell dont resign. Not able to take any decision. Since I didnt get a transfer to hyderabad I went on leave to my in laws place. We have had arguments about this almost every day and we both decided that I would be resigning the job coming to bangalore. We both booked the tickets as well. On the day of travel he was not ready to bring me to bangalore instead he wanted me to resign from there itself. We had a huge argument and I came to bangalore with one of my uncle. I wanted to check with him once before I could resign. I called him he picked up the phone and said "I will not interfere in your life and you dont interfere in my life. Everything is over and you dont ever call me again". Last week I called him, he spoke to me nicely and the next day when I called him he spoke so badly and he is asking me are you not ashamed of calling me again and again. It really hurts when he speaks like that. He is totally a mamas boy and he doesnt want any of my people to come to the house. Everyone in his house is blaming my mom that she is not allowing me to stay with my husband since my mom wants my money. This is not the truth. I stopped calling my husband. I dont know what to do.

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