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Which would be faster, an amd K6-2-P 475 @ 100 mhz fsb or Pentium 633 @ 66 mhz?

I have been letting my daughter use my old laptop to tote back and forth between my house and my ex’s to due homework on and play the ocasional game like Civ 2, watch a dvd or play hearts (pavilion n3402). Her little brother busted up the case and screen. I picked up a n3270.

Same basic computer and the parts are interchangeable. I was going to pull everything from the older, faster system and switch it over, but in reviewing the specs I think the amd system may have a better graphics adapter.

The AMD 475 is using an 8mb trident agp while the p3 633 is using a 2d adapter with no 3d or mpeg decoders built in.

The speeds are so between that I am thinking that there really won’t be a benefit either way.

(I was going to get her a new laptop, but I don’t want to get this one destroyed – she is only 12 and has a 4000+ amd athlon 64 desktop to use at my house as well.)

i wuld use the amd although i prefer intel…:D but u also hav to remember things like ram etc jst havin a faster processor wont make the pc faster if it has low ram or fsb etc

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