Does She Want Me Back Again
How can I know if my ex girlfriend wants to get back with me, or if she is playing games with me?

Help, I’m so confused, my ex girlfriend and I have a weird story….

I’ll start from a month ago.

She is 17 and i am 19. she broke up with me a little over a month and a half ago, after doing so, me and her hung out still, had sex, dates, etc.

But then she went to another guys house and lied to me about it. I found out and was heated, started being mean and everything, she didn’t want to get back with me she said, then about two weeks later, she wanted me back.

We got back, but I broke up with her a day afterwords because I was so disgusted still.

But I told her its because I’m still mad and need to think about if she is seriously committed to me.

Anyway, I ended up wanting her back shortly, and she said she fell out of love with me etc, but we had sex, I ended up getting her a bra, dress, flowers, cookies, homemade card.

Then she ignores me the day after that and changed her number!

Four days later she calls me saying she misses me.

Then she ignores me another day, and calls me last night saying she misses me!

I told her I want her back but she keeps ignoring that and doesn’t want me?

Does she want me back or what?

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