I’ve been with this girl for over 2 years now. We were in a relationship for about 8 months (on and off, she had broken up 4 times cuz she stopped liking me) and then totally broke up…she strted liking me again recently, about 4 months ago and we got really close. I had liked her all this time, even when she didnt like me. Though, we’re not in a relationship anymore cuz her religion doesnt allow her to. We dont have any physical relationship at all, not even holding hands, she says she feels guilty(we used to hug but no more than tht in our first month and after tht she told me off completely)

I am fine with everything and i love her from all my heart, and i always tell her tht and make her feel special. She told me about 4 months ago she likes me again and i told her i like her as a friend at tht time cuz i didnt want to be hurt again, but she showed me she has changed and so i gave in and told her i like her too. Eventhough we werent in a relationship, we were committed to each other (as in we talked and got mad if the other did something wrong)

Since summer has strted, i’vent seen her. I used to go to her work to see her but she told me she’s not comfortable seeing me during summer, she says "i dont know why, im just gay like tht, it was like this last summer too right? its not like i dont talk to u, its just like im not dying to see u" …so she told me to not go see her anymore.

I dont mind her talking to guys, but the problem is MOST of her friends r guys, and almost ALL of them like her the way i like her (not as MUCH as i love her of course). And she talks on the phone, texts, and talks on msn with them, even when they flirt with her. THe only good thing is she tells me almost everything they say or do. One of them is her coworker and he openly flirts with her and says he wishes she was his wife and says stuff like "i love u beautiful" etc.

The problem is, almost every guy she talks to strts liking her, and then she still reponds the way so tht the guy doesnt stop liking her, like she doesnt want to lose her fan following -_- this just really pisses me off but i cant complain cuz i’ve talked to her about it in the past and she just said "u complain way too much for yr age"

She never says i like u anymore or makes me feel special, and she just sounds soo uninterested when she talks to me on msn or on phone sometimes.

We’re noth 17, she’s turning 18 this month. I am mature enough to let it go if she doesnt like me anymore, it’ll be hard but i’ll have to do it. Plzzz tell me if im over reacting, and plzz dont tell me to talk to her about it and ask her if she likes me cuz whenever i do, she just gets mad at me for being too serious and getting her stressed.

Plzzz plzzzz help me out with this one!!!

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