She called to talk to the kids last night. Of course I recorded the conversation as I always do. She calls and promises the kids everything and does nothing. She told my daughter everything was my fault as to why she does not visit them. She has not seen or done anything for the kids in 8 months.

My ex-wife has made things very difficult for us the past year. She has not paid any of her child support. She is the reason my pay is being garnished to pay a loan she made right after we separated. DA says I have to deal with that during or divorce settlement. In our conversation, she says she will not give me an address so she can be served court papers. Says she will not come see the kids because I will have her arrested. Yes, I would. She and her boyfriend have used my identity for speeding tickets, him going to jail, Identity theft. She has outstanding warrants for drugs arrest as well.

Why does she tell the kids I am the problem? Should I stop phone contact with her as well? Thanks.
She thinks I want her in jail. I do.

I tell her I want her to take care of her obligations and responsibilities. Which I do.

I want her to stop doing the things against me. Like using my identity. Thats why I want her in jail.

I want her to stop telling the kids everything is my fault.

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