How to get her back again?

Okay here I am again, a little more detail. So this girl I’m practically in love with her.

I’ve known her for quite awhile now, about 4 years. She liked me in 7th-8th. She’s over me now, I think.

Well I want to know how to tell her I still have strong feelings for her.

The thing is, she already likes this one guy a lot, but she also likes another guy.

want to be the guy in her life again, I didn’t find out she liked me until like 9th grade.

I want to know if it’s possible to somehow get her to like me again. She always asks’ me to eat lunch with her and walk her to class.

Supposedly I’m her BFF? Do you think there’s a possibility that could somehow still kinda like me?

.Better chance than either of these two guys. Invite her out.If she says no. Sorry it’ll be bff but at least you’ll know…

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