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I told my sister to stop, so she hit me, and I hit her back.?

My puppy ran away (he chases anything), so I chased him down the street and after about 15 minutes of chasing him in 35 degree weather with no coat, I caught him. My sister came over on her bike. She started riding, and I was screaming for her to stop. I was still holding my dog by his collar, and I was getting really bad cuts on my hands. Then I pleaded her to stop and she finally did. Then I was complaining to her about how my hands hurt so bad and I think she owes me an apology for going so fast on her bike when I was chasing after her pleading for her to stop. Then she hit me on the back, so I whacked her. But she ducked, so I hit her head by accident. She ran in the house and told my mom that I hit her first very hard on the head for no reason (she always hits people when they annoy her, then lies about it when they hit her back). Now my mom won’t let me go to the movies with my friends and she won’t even listen to my side of the story! Is that even fair?

No, not even hearing both sides of the story…..completley unfair.

Ask your mom what the us judicial court system would be like if they only heard one side of the story.
“This man here killed my son”-Person A
“But your sons still aliv…”-Person B
[Judge] “ENOUGH! I sentence you, person B, to DEATH!”

Anyway, If you are going to be grounded for hitting her, she needs to be grounded for hitting you. But at the same time, she has a bruise probably to prove her side, whereas the back can sustain incredible amounts of force upon it without any indication.

Lesson: Next time dont hit her back. Taunt her. then when you have a bruise, go to your mom. THAT will make mad, and maybe even get her to hit you again, in which case, you just go to your mom again….then she’ll learn.

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