I’ve been with the love of my life saverrah for 11 months. But i’ve had feelings for since i was 13 nd now i’m 17. I know i’m young but i want to spend the rest of my life with her. We know each other so well. Get each other on so many things and have such an unbreakable bond. Situations and more situations happening led to her breaking up with me. I did something wrong but it was only to suprise her nd prove my love 2 her. I tlked to her today and she said she doesn’t love me nemore. Which how can someone fall out of love so quickly. She’s at her colleger orientation. So idk i wud love for us to start over our relationship but take things slowly and do things right. But she mite not want tht. Or i could start over completely and we can be friends and work towards being with her again. I think tht is wat she wud want. I dnt want to not have her in my life i’ll have to be friends with her and bury the true love tht resides in me until i can release it again till the day i can love her again. All i’m asking people is help wat should i do you will all probably say be her friend but when i become friends with her wat step should i take on to getting her back. PLease my b-day passed it wud be greatly appreciated to get many answers thank you.

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