When the wife is sick, the husband "caregiver" begins to need an outlet so he finds a willing partner, but you, the "willing partner" discover that you are just an FB or FWB and nothing more. Because you love him, the one thing you want to do is make him remember he truly loves his wife and needs to fall back in love again even though she is ill, may not recover, and needs him more than ever. As the lover or "other woman," I have realized that this is ultimately important to make him realize he may regret this time if he doesn’t devote himself to her, and her alone. I have tried to suggest how beautiful and caring she is and deserves all his love. I truly think he has forgotten the reasons he loves her and should be loyal to him, even though we are intimate. I am trying not to be hurt by this, as I am a realist, even though I have discovered a very special and wonderful man, I know it is not right, and want to do the "right" thing. That’s all. Help me help him return to her.

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