get her back no contactShould I contact her or just wait? Would it be a good idea?

I know I should move on. But its tough. I love the girl in some way. Long story short, she is bulimic, depressed and the works. She broke up with me (disappeared). Dated someone right afterwards, broke up with him. She contacted me last week wanted to go have lunch, I agreed after a week, she said she was working and she would let me know.

Never let me knew. Friday night I get like ten calls from her, she hangs up each time, then sends me text saying “I’m drunk and need you” all I said was “you ok?”. Never heard from her. Next day I texted saying “you alright” “Can’t help you if you call and hang up on me” She said “haha sorry about that”. Haven’t heard from her since. My question; If this girl truly wanted to be with me again, would she make more of an effort?

Would she not want to see me at all costs? What should I do? Keep the No Contact till she contacts me again. What would be the best way to show her I want her back if she has changed and only if she is healthy?

In this situation, it sounds like you’re her last months newspaper, aka … her rebound! It seems that whenever she needs you, she’ll call you up, but she needs you during times when she’s broken up with someone, or she’s doing something stupid to captivate you’re attention. But when she has a boyfriend, or is drunk or something, everything is all good, and she doesn’t need you.

My advice is to let her be, and just ignore her, no offense, because she’s playing mind games with you … and girls like that shouldn’t be tolerated, so it’s time for you to take the inititave and move on, and not to deal with her whatsoever.

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