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Are your heart broken because of you girlfriend and desperately looking for ways on how to get her back after a breakup

Going through a breakup in a relationship is definitely one of those aspects of life that hurt most. Right now, you just want your girlfriend to be with you again. You find yourself daydreaming, even when faced with a boss or professor. You spend hours just thinking about her thus losing some much needed sleep. Your life right now is at its lowest.

First of all, although I understand how difficult the situation is, you must try to snap out of limbo you are in. You should know that what you are feeling right now is normal. Please keep in mind that you only have power over your emotions and not others – including your boyfriend. Persistent that you two come back together would only push her to run away from you as much as possible.How to get a girlfriend back after a Break Up with No Contact Rule

You are probably already aware of the No Contact Rule. No Contact Rule says basically that you should maintain contact with your ex after the break up. This means that you should not send any message to her or even “accidentally” touched her in a restaurant.

There are actually several reasons why this is done. First of all, this gives your ex the space she needs to reassess his life. The more you insist on a person to be with you, the farther away they will run, because what they really want right now is some time alone. If you are doubtful about how to get a girlfriend back after a break so it would be better if you use the No Contact Rule first.

Second, break up may have dented confidence. Plus, contact your ex shows desperation on your part, and this can be terribly embarrassing.

How to get a girlfriend back after a Break Up: Improve yourself

When no contact rule is used, you should work on improving yourself. The best way to get your girlfriend back is not by requiring her attention, but draws her back to you. So your goal right now is to heal yourself on the wound thoroughly. You can do this by concentrating on your life and improve certain aspects of it. Have you forgotten to keep in touch with friends?

Try rebuilding your friendship. You will find yourself enjoying life again as friends makes you forget your problems. This way you can heal the pain and have new memories to cherish.

So go out and live life to the fullest. Take up painting or whatever class that can take your interest. This will build self-esteem and ensure that you do not want to dwell too much on your boyfriend.

This will ensure that you only wish your girlfriend instead of having her.

If you want to know what went wrong and how to work a relationship out, you could learn how to get your get ex back now

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