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Are you wondering what kind of get her back text is most efficient to get her to respond by texting or calling you back. This article discusses certain imperative aspects that you have to take into consideration if you want to increase you chances of getting back together with your ex girlfriend.

What to text your ex to get her back? Is there any secret that you can use to guarantee your ex will get back to you?
There are good news and bad news. Bad news are that there is no text message that can guarantee that you will get back to your ex girlfriend 100%. The good news is that you can make use of some tips that will give you an edge over your ex and make her at least think seriously about calling you back and then getting back to you.

The method that we will describe here is not supposed to be used alone without a good plan to get her back to you. If you had sent her the perfect text message and then you had met her and you do not have anything to say, she will not do it again and you will be wasting your time and efforts.

It is important to you to know what to do after you draw her back to your life. But now we will discuss the three ways you are going to literally force her to call you back after reading your text message.

1- Employ curiosity:
Nothing will work for you better than playing the curiosity card. Tell your ex girlfriend that you want to thank her for the favor she had done with you. If she read your text then she might not be able to sleep at night before knowing what favor she did for you. This is a surefire method to make her call you back after sending a message. There are many ways to provoke curiosity. Study your situation and think out of the box but be honest and tell her a convincing story. Do not lie to her to make her call you back. Prepare a good and true story to tell her when she calls back.

2- Apologize gently:
Nothing will show you as a mature and confident person more than an effective apology. If you have done something wrong then there is no shame to make an apology. A good apology is the one when you acknowledge your fault, express you are sorry for what you have done, understand your ex’s feelings and anger without being overly excited or needy. If you can make a gentle apology then you will look as a civilized and mature man.

3- Give the impression that you are happy:
In a text you must not say directly that you are happy. You have to use that implicit way to say that you feel good and that everything is OK with you. Tell her casually that there is something amazing happened in your life without too much explaining. You need to employ both the happy image and curiosity again to make her feel the urge to know more about you and to force her to call you back.

This will not work alone. Sending a perfect message will not make her fall in love with you. This will only be a bait to draw her closer to your net to be able to get her back again. Use this technique wisely with a good plan then you will be with her again in no time.

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