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A female friend of mine is really good at pretending that I don’t exist. We used to be really close friends, but now there isn’t much communication. I try to keep in touch with her by emailing her. She reads the emails that I send to her once every 1-2 weeks, but never replies. She checks my blogs and online photo albums, but never admits it. She opens ecards I send to her, but never sends any back. I call her, but she rarely answer. I get the ans machine all the time, and sometimes she likes to pretend she’s someone else by speaking into the phone in another voice then hanging up. Somedays when only she knows that i’m unhappy, friends of both mine and hers IM or phone me to cheer me up.

I want to renew the level of communication that we once had between us. She’s really good at pretending that I don’t exist. Will she start talking to me if I paid less attention to her and pretend that she doesn’t exist?

Is it possible that she likes you as more than a friend? That may be causing the rift. Talk to her about it, but be gentle, no accusations.

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