how do i get her back girlfriend
How to get Ex girlfriend back without hurting her or making her jealous?

Ok here is the background and I want serious opinions. Me and my lady have dated for a year and half. Everything was great. I love her with my whole heart. I have always been a jokester and didnt realize I was wearing down her self esteem. Well she is a great girl and we have been on break now for about a week and a half. I want to get back with her so bad because shes the nicest, prettiest girl and I love everything about her. She says she wants to be with me too, but that she wants to know that I respect and dont take her for granted. Again, I am doing everything I can to prove this to her, but she wants to know that its not words. I dont want to come off as a wuss or weak, and I have told her exactly how I feel. So with all that taken into consideration… how do you think I get her back without making her sad, hurt, or jealous. I dont want another girl I really feel she is the one, but I also dont want to look weak and desperate in her eyes. I really want serious feedback. Thanks

Congratulations on not wanting to appear weak. That is a good start. Tell her since you’ve had “time to think”, you’d like to go out as friends. Take her out and do casual/day things. Have fun without doing things to piss her off. In a short time your relationship should be back on track.

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