can i get her back from him
what are the things that i can do to help my Girl mate ease her MISSING HIM syndrome? ?

i got a girl who is my friend. Shes just back from her Holiday back to our country and she started to miss his boyfriend. I don’t know what to do about that. What are the ways that i could show her so that i could help ease her pain?. But the problem is im starting to fall in love with her. And she just ignores me.

Aaaaw……..your in love with your friend, but you can see how your pal is in love with her b.f and she needs you to help her ease her problem, not to make it more difficult…i ges its a big challenge for you but if you really love her i think you should keep your secret romance from her for a while, if she likes you to she wont avoid as your saying, or just give her time to notice you in a different way instead of just a friend and if she doesn’t give you a chance trust me their are over billions of girls out there looking for someone to love them the way you love her!!

hope you find your true love 1day!!!

Robert Pattinson – “Let Me Sign” (w/Lyrics in “more info”)

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