My current girlfriend has hurt me in the past when she slept with my ex friend a few months ago when she broke up with me for a few months but we ended up getting back together with her promising that she would never leave me again. We are both in college right now and I’m a senior and she’s about to be a junior.

The other day, she was on vacation and two guys approached her and invited her to teach her how to surf. She basically got to know the guys and she told me about it that night.

Well I basically called her insensitive and naive because she is really attractive and she just assumes all guys want to be her friends which I know isn’t really true. Well after we got into a fight about this, she left me again. Despite me telling her that I overreacted, she says that I was right and that she isn’t ready for a relationship right now with anyone. I told her I was sorry and that I should I have had told her more gently that she was acting like this. I told her I was just jealous and that I overreacted. However, she still left me saying that still trusted me and that she loved me but she still wasn’t ready for a relationship. She told me it wouldn’t be fair to ask me to stay with her and that if I had to leave then she would miss me and that she loves me. She made me promise not to forget about her and to call her. She told me this felt wrong with breaking up with me. It’s been a couple of days now and we haven’t talked to each other. Should I just let it go now and wait for her to call? Or should I call her to talk to her?

Update: OK, I just called her after a week of no contact. I told her the truth how I honestly wanted her back and that I was heads over heels in love with her but now she says she’s still not ready for a relationship with me because she told me it doesn’t feel right without me or with me. She acknowleged that my love for her was really pure and strong and she wanted to fall back in love with me again. I told her we were in a relationship a long time before that and that at least she should be committed enough to be in a relationship first but she disagreed. She asked if I would come back later. What does she mean by all this? I’m really in love with her so how can I get her back? What are your thoughts on this whole thing? Will she come back if I don’t contact her? Please be as long as you want! I’m really heartbroken right now! :-(

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