I know a long term marriage takes work.
We have hurt each other dreadfully, althugh I fear more than I hurt him.
The day we married was the best day of my life.
24hrs later on honeymoon and he didnt want to know me. He slept the entire time.

1 Year later and he slept with a prostitute in Amsterdam. I was drunk and giggly. It was a dare but never thought he’d go through with it. He was sober.

We had a disagreement about having kids. In the end he agreed to say yes. When we told his parents his mother looked at me like I was a whoare. He never stood up for me!
Turns out he doesnt want kids. I now respect his desicion.

We’ve never celebrated a wedding anniversay. Married for 4yrs nxt mnth.

YET he wants to save the marriage! He booked us in for counselling, begged for another chance as I wanted to end it.
NOw he’s not sure. the feelings between us are really sore right now but at least we ARE talking! I realise I have also been responsible for this.


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