So, long story short, about 4 months ago, in April, my girlfriend broke up with me. Her reason was that we are still in high school and she wants to focus on getting to college and not "other things". I mean, that’s a fine reason for a break up, there is nothing wrong with that. She said she still wants to be friends and she still wanted to go to Prom with me.. BUT, about 1 week later I noticed that she started hanging out with another guy all the time during school. There was a rumor going around the school that they were dating, which happened to be true because i saw them kissing in the hall. It made me mad that she lied to me, but i just decided to give her space and let her do whatever she wants. And so what ended up happening is that, her and the other guy ended up going to Prom instead of us, but they ended up breaking up like 3 weeks later and they don’t really talk anymore, I don’t know why? So, after about 4 months of no contact with my ex-girlfriend, I decided to ask her out to get some coffee sometime, to catch up on each others life and stuff, but she hasn’t responded back to me about that yet, and its been like 3 weeks since i asked her.

So does anybody have any advice for me? I miss her a lot and I just want to be friends with her again. If anybody has anything please let me know. Thank You! :)

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