Okay so here’s a basic summary of mine and my ex’s relationship.

We started dating back in March, and everything was great. I had never been so happy in a relationship than i was with her. 3 weeks into our relationship i went to florida for a week on spring break. Well that was a horrible idea on my part. Easter morning she broke up with me because "she didnt want a boyfriend anymore and her parents didnt approve of me", because my friend accidently spun out in their driveway once. Thats a great way to judge me by someone else’s actions. So we remained in contact for about two weeks after, until i found out that she is dating my 19 year old friend who she met through me. (she’s only 15) Of course i didnt approve of it necause he was my friend and because of his age, but they made it seem like im the only one who thought that the age difference was weird, and they made me feel like the bad guy. So for 3 months while they dated I had virtually no contact with her even though i thought about her nonstop everyday. Then about 2 weeks ago I found out that they broke up. We’ve been texting everyday since and I’ve made it very clear that I still want to be with her, and that I care about her a lot. She knows I’m desperate and she keeps rejecting me.

Sorry if this seems sloppily written but I’m just typing whatever comes to mind.

Any help would be gretaly appreciated. Thanks

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