Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back
Would you like to get ex girlfriend back now? If so, then read this short and informative article. It is going to hand you direct tips on how to handle your situation and provide you with insights that you probably would never have thought of.

It’s so easy to fall into a kind of “panic” state when you suddenly get dumped and it becomes almost impossible to think and act in a way that will benefit you when it comes to getting your ex girlfriend back.

Read on, stay calm, because there is hope for you.

So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably suffering emotionally over the loss of someone you love greatly.

The specific circumstances don’t matter right now – maybe you did something wrong, maybe they did. But the relationship ended somehow and now you want to get your ex girlfriend back.

Relationships are fragile bonds and, in order to be able to re-unite with your girlfriend you need to understand how these bonds are created and maintained and, depending on what went wrong and how long ago the break-up occurred, you need to know how to go about getting her back.

Believe it or not, getting your ex girlfriend back is an easy to follow and linear process, but, also a very counter-intuitive one. Every specific problem has an easy solution, but it took me many years to fully understand the psychology behind this process and to come up with this fool-proof and easy to follow formula which helped hundreds of guys already and works almost every time (over 80% success rate, which is great news for you).

Before I give you everything I’ve got, let me show you a few psychological tricks that will put you on the right track and, also, prove to you that this stuff it’s worth taking a look at…

So, here we go…

1. Minimize contact.

Cut off all communication if you can and let the dust settle. If you don’t live or work together, this usually looks like an easy task, but, to be honest, it’s not… because you will miss her. A lot. But, guess what! She will miss you too. This works very well because of the following psychological principle:

People want what they can’t have!

Never forget that. Don’t become her emotional tampon and don’t help her heal by being there for her all the time. Get your life back. Do not initiate contact with her for at least three to four weeks. Of course it’s okay for her to contact you.

2. Get rid of neediness.

Nobody wants to be around a needy person. It’s no fun at all. If you can’t control this, you will only confirm their decision to break up with you.

But, on the other hand, showing her that you are perfectly fine without her, will make her start wondering if she really made a good decision leaving you… And you will push everything to the next level with the next technique…

3. Add a little bit of jealousy.

There are many ways to do this and, combined with the first two techniques, it can do magic for you. But you really need insurance when applying this technique because overdoing this will blow your chances to get her back forever. I can show you a few sneaky ways to do this without having to worry about compromising your future relationship with her. They are included in the guide I’m going to show you. Very powerful stuff.

4. Make your first date with her emotionally charged.

“What?! A date?! How do I get another date with her when she doesn’t even answer my phone calls?!” I can hear you screaming… But if you carefully follow the steps I’m going to show you, getting another date with her is going to be the easiest part. So, let me explain what “emotionally charged” really means…

To get started, “dinner and movie” won’t do the trick. Because, well… it’s BORING! And, most of all, it does not create a bonding, or, in our case, a re-bonding experience. If you chose the “dinner and movie” scenario, you lose on a sociologically proven principle…

Emotionally charged experiences = Bond

A short roller coaster ride would be way better than the first example.

Also, taking her on a few mini-dates will do wonders for your bond because switching places creates “time distortion” and she will feel like you’ve been together forever. I have more examples of emotionally charged dates in my guide.

These little tricks should put you on the right track.

Now listen carefully!

I don’t want to scare you, but, your ex is not going to be around forever… She will eventually going to find somebody else and she is going to hook up with him…They are going to fall in love, they are going to have sex… so on and so forth…


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