how to get your girlfriend back breakup
How to get her back after a recent breakup?

I had a girlfriend.. We were together for a while, but then we broke up, because i did a stupid thing, that I later apologized about. And she thought that we didn’t match together. But I know we do.

But she didn’t take me back. So we stayed just friends for the last 2 months now. But I can’t take this anymore.. I’m seriously in love with her. And I need her back.

So what would be your advice for me to do, to get her back in my arms? :)

I’ll be thankful for any help or advice.

The truth is…you can’t make someone love you back. If she sees you aren’t right for her, then that’s that.

If you love her Truly, you let her go and if she comes back great! If not, then that’s fine too.

True love is when you love them and not expect it back. Hope yes…expect, no! If you love her like you say you do, give her and yourself space, time and when you can be friends, be friends.

I had a guy tell me once, “I love you and if all I can be is a friend to you, at least I have that!” That to me is true love.

Good luck :)

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back Fast

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