how to get a girlfriend back poems
Are these good or not?(poems)?

I found some poems that my girlfriend has written. I asked her about them, and she got really embarrassed and said that she was bored blah blah blah. But i think she is a really good poet! Here ar a few of her poems, what do you think? :

The day you turned me away,
I couldn’t find any words to say.
All I could find were tears,
I cried for what felt like years.
But I am done with being sad,
Especially when you dont feel bad.
I am now moving on,
So when you want me back, I’ll already be gone.

I am looking at Your face,
Trying to find that special place.
I am looking in your eyes,
Now i’m sre your my only guy.
You now turn to leave,
Just please, dont forget me.

Lying in bed, your face fills my dreams,
You will never know how much you mean to me.
I think about you all the time,
Just the thought that you are mine.

That is just a couple, but do u think they are good, bad, or okay?
(she is 13)

good poems =D REALLY GOod haha i like the fact that they ryme

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