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I want to know the sex but it requires an utlrasound. What can I tell doctor to make her order an ultrasound?

My hospital requires that a medical reason is needed for ultrasound. So far (at 22 weeks) pregnancy is normal and no concerns. I had 2 ultrasounds already but was unable to find out sex. 1st one was for dating purposes, the other to check to make sure the cervix was closed. I REALLY want to know the sex of the baby. The doctor won’t just order an ultrasound for that reason. How can I convince her? Any ideas? I’d hate to lie and say I took a fall or something, but I’m desperate!!

You know in many parts of the world it is illegal to get an ultrasound for the purposes of discovering the sex of the baby.

Why do you feel the need to know, whatever it is, it is. And don’t lie to your doctor. There is a reason they do not recommend repeated ultrasounds for no reason.

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