Can I Make Her Want Me Back
I want to get back at this girl for cheating on me, what are some things I can do to make her miserable?

I know where she lives and if I did do anything, I do not think she would know it is me.

I want to do something good that will damage her emotionally or financially, not physically.

Her house is right next to a busy street so if I do anything to her house, it has to be at night and it has to be something I can do quickly as not to be caught.

She made me miserable and I want to pay her back. Please help!

Not forgiving is like poisoning yourself and expecting the other person to die. Revenge is something that defines you and lives in you… are not meant for that….it’s like a sugar coated poison apple. Feels awesome for a second and then hurts you and eats at your soul…

Be a stand up man of good character….choose what is wiser and better and reap the benefits of that in your life…..people attract like people…if you change and make good decisions you will attract someone who will make good decisions too….

You made the choice to date this cheater….whether you knew it or not….perhaps you know better now about the signs of bad character…know them….the signs….do not be them….

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