make her want me spell
I need a candle spell to make someone’s true colors show.?

I volunteer in a non-profit office where someone stole from me and I want to do a candle spell to make her true self come out so that others will believe me and see her for what she really is and ask her to leave. She is neither an employee nor a volunteer but someone whom they let hang around all day. I don’t know what category they are putting this in because Yahoo will not let me view the complete list.

There are a few different ways this could be achieved. Off the top of my head I’d get one of those candles where, as you burn it it drips out colored wax. This I’d dress with Untruthful, and Bend Over oils. Then I’d set it on top of a photo of her (or if unavailable, a paper with her name written 9 times) and dot the corners of it with the same oils, and burn the candle. State your commands as you light it.

Once the candle is done burning, bury the paper and wax remains from it near the office.

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