make her want me more

Is it any working way to make her want me more?

You imagine that life would be much more interesting and exciting if you could get any woman to be deeply attracted to you, and you are probably right! Most men are pretty clueless about how to get more compelling and attractive to the girl of their dreams. It’s actually quite easy to beat a woman and make her want you.

Spark Attraction

You do not really need much to get a woman to want you desperately. All you need to do is tell yourself that you have what it takes to be a woman magnet. Be positive about yourself and prepare yourself mentally for success in this area. The confidence will automatically ignite attraction.

Have a charismatic personality

Women love men who are dynamic and powerful. The high status draws them like a moth to a candle flame. If you are constantly seeking approval and apparently needy and desperate you will portray yourself as weak and uninteresting. She will want to avoid you.

Look devastatingly attractive

It is no secret that women love men who are sexually “hot” and attractive. You do not have to be born with Tom Cruise looks like or have an extra super body. All you need is style, poise and confidence to pull it off. Most times women can not seem to get the NOK of a man who has a great personality and character.

Try to be reserved

If you’re going to hang around her all the time waiting for the measly bones she throws you from time to time, you’re going to lose their interest and respect. Do not show her how much you need her. Make her make the chase for a change. Be unavailable and “busy”, so she starts to miss you. She will want to see you more after this treatment.

Hit on her best friend

If the girl you love has been to give you the cold shoulder and ignore you, then maybe you could show her that she is not the only one around. Paying attention to his best friend will make her feel angry, if not jealous. She will suddenly want you like crazy and be afraid that she might lose you.

Tease and flirt with her

Let your boyfriend know that you love her. Tease her with your looks and romantic gestures. Let her know that she is beautiful, but refrain from doing anything more than just hugging or kissing her lightly. She will be driven mad with desire for you.

Excite her

Whisper sweet words in her ear and be gentle and patient. You will be rewarded. If you take the time to be tender and passionate for her weak in the knees, and want you more.

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