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In love with best friend, HELP!?

Long story short, i’m in love with my best friend. we started out talking but ended up friends then best friends and we are basically solid. She told me that she loves me and couldn’t function without me but she doesn’t see romance. how do i show her that. we share everything, i know everything about her and i still love her. how do i turn the tables and win her heart again? can i still get her to see that i would be her best relationship? we’ve always been flirty and touchy and even made out once but she claims that she was going through emotional distress. what is her problem?

well once you’re in the best friend zone, its hard to get out of it. for girls, if your a best friend, she usually finds it impossible to have romantic feelings for you, BUT anything is possible.

start with subtly hinting that you like her as more than a friend, flirting with her more and being touchier. ask her to hang out more and do sweet things for her, BUT DONT GO OVERBOARD. that might just scare her away. after that just take it slowly and see where it leads to.

but if early on you sense that she pushes you away a little once you get touchier, you may want to lay off for a while

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