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I’m friends with this girl. How do I win her heart?

On Valentines Day I sent one of my friends roses and asked her out on the card. It took a while but she finally said she only sees me as a good friend. Because it took her a while to answer does that mean anything? I’ve tried to move on but can’t. She’s Perfect. Is there any way i can build up our relationship and win her heart?

okAi… weLL.. i thiNk that u just keEp beiNg urseLf but aLSo show heR in a mYsteriouS yeT obviOus way daT u wo0d maKe a greaT bF, eG: jusT be theRe for her weN she neeDz a shOulder to cRy on, or evEn sh0w heR how greAt u Are wiF othA girLz, then myb she’LL n0tice anD wanT u aLL to her selF.. anD aftA thiS myB she’LL coMe arouNd and reLize that u’Z are menT to be!! buT iF iT dusnt woRk ouT, dOnt triP, u’LL fyNd the riTe gurL so0n.. cuZ if she duZnt enD up feeLing the saMe way theN myB itz jusT not menT to be… go0d lUck..

There’s A Fine Fine Line

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