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How can i win the girl of my dreams heart?

ok first of all thanks for taking the time to read this. so i met this girl in December and she was nice and stuff we talked and everything so me and her are cool and such. and some time between december i really started to get feelings for her and have been thinkin about her tons. i called her beautiful but i dont think she knows how i trully feel. how can i win her heart/love? thanks

Simply ask her out, dont start saying “you mean the world to me” or “you’re the reason i breathe” doesnt really work as well the berst thing to say is will you go out with me and i love you, its simple and easy, if she says Dont no, mostly this is her thinking and conninced of saying yes, or else shed say no. Goodluck and i hope you get the girl of your dreams (: x

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