How To Win Her Heart Back Again
If you are going trough rough times because your relationship with your girlfriend did not work out, know that there is help available for you when it comes to winning her heart back again. Let’s take a look at some working ways to win her heart back.

Many men take their break ups so serious that they lose out on enjoying life. A break up is not the end of the world, and when your ex are able to see that they usually come back. Here is what you should do to win her heart back.

Forget the repeated excuse
She is obviously annoyed at this point. How do you chew her brain by calling her and pester her with calls to forgive you will help? Instead, save your breath and energy, give her a good excuse and chill.

Get a relaxing new look
You must be the cool guy if you want to win her heart back. Going all out to please her by getting a look that she always wanted to see you. It can be funky, crazy or just plain crazy. Sometimes the most amazing thing makes the other person to forget the mistakes that we made.

Let the past go
So, the relationship is over. Move on. Do not try to relive and recreate this relationship is over. So, leave the past behind and try to woo your ex just like you did in the first place. Be innovative, creative and ingenious.

Make her have fun with you
When she sees how cool you are with the break up, she will also begin to warm up to you. Tell her to spend some time with you. Persuading her until she relents and then make her have a lot of unadulterated platonic fun with you.


Do not push her
Keep the physical part out of the relationship. Pushing she might just make her a little conscious and reminds her of her decision. Let the physical to be a natural progression of things. She will automatically give you her heart when she sees the effort you put in to make her happy.

Crack up
Do things that will crack her up. Humor is one thing that always manages to bring people closer, if it is clowning around or if it takes her to a chick flick and enduring torture, you have to do it and win her heart.

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Make her feel that she is essentially the same person, but minus all the negative aspects that she had felt. If you are able to show her that you have changed for her and is constantly thinking of how to make her happy, so soon you will see that you have won her heart. Being honest and true is what you must do to win her heart for good.

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