how can i win her heart againI like a girl. how can i win her heart?

I like a girl who is a waitress. she tells me im one of the few genuine good guys left and i told her thank you for showing me there are still a few sweet girls left. she always gives the money back when i tip her.

Last week she said “i like u. when can i see u again?” i was caught off guard by this and said ill stop in again. Next day i didn’t bring it up but i got her number. she said to give her a call so i did but had to leave a message.

I saw her again and she said she’ll call on her day off but never has. yet everytime i see her she stares into my eyes like she wants me to kiss her and then she hugs and kisses me on the cheek 3 or 4 times.

I’m afraid to ask her out because i did once a long time ago and she said ill have to think about that.

I dont know what her problem is.

She says she likes me and i like her. how can i win her heart? i really care about her


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