Since you here right now, chances are you miss your ex girlfriend and you’re looking for some decent tips on what to say to win her heart again.

Well. to be quite blunt, impressing a girl, especially a girl that you’ve had a past relationship with, is not the simplest task around.

However, if you’re armed with a bit of tuition and determination, winning her back suddenly becomes a lot easier.

How To Win Her Heart Back Text
It is not always an easy road with a girl, and I will bet that you agree. The fighting, stance, there is so much to put up with sometimes.

But again there is always a pleasure to have them around.

So the guys are in this constant struggle to keep them from going out. But some unfortunate souls completely fail and be dumped.

What are they doing now to get them to come back?

What to say to win her heart back is always an unanswered question. But we will discuss some things you can say to make her come running back.

Things can be traced back to its former condition with a little patience and good planning and the right things to say. Make her feel special and let her in on how much you care about her. Say the right things, and she will have no choice but to come back.

Here are some ways to go about it.

1. First things first, do not stalk her! Most of the time guys get desperate and keep calling her, sometimes even behave quite rudely. Tell her that you will provide the space she needs and she has the right to need it. You have to let her breathe. There is always time.

2. Put her out of your head for a short time. Think about what has happened and try to find out what went wrong. When a small amount of time has passed, you know what to say to a girl to get her back is the key to get her to do what you want. Let her know that you are open to re-establish contact, and are curious about whether she will go on a date with you.

3. Stop telling her how much you love her, it’s no use trying to connect emotionally by telling her how pathetic you will be after she is gone. It sounds strange, but tell her that she was right to break up with you. If you did break up, tell her you were so wrong, and did not realize how good you both were together.

4. Give her time to think about what you said. Let her mind working on other things. Tell her you will wait to hear from her to accept to go on a date. Also tell her that if she does not want to discuss the past, you will not do it. But anyway, if she does not want to discuss it, you must accept it as well.

So what to say to the girl to win her heart is never really a problem if you know the right things to say and use the timing right. Go and see how it works for you.

Lori-Ann Petrosino is an avid health and relationship expert with a passion to help others achieve their best even. She does this by encouraging others to feel and look their best in all areas of mental and physical health.

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