words to win her heart
How do I win her heart?

Ok there’s this girl that I really like (13.5) and I (15) want to go out with her but I asked one of her friends if she liked me and she said that she likes this guy (14), and he likes her. But I’ve done so much to try and ask her out. Like writing her a song and drawing a pic of her, that I was going to present and sing to her this weekend when I ask her out. Then this!!!:( how do I win her heart. She’s the only thing I can think about, I don’t like no one els( I can’t love no one els but her!;(

Oh if you want to hear the song just give me your email and I’ll send it ( it was hard to find ryhming words with all the wonderful things about her) ( not the best singer/guitarrist)

I hate to be the one bursting your bubble but girls don’t usually appreciate guys who are sweet and thoughtful. You need to play it cool and withdrawn. Nobody wants someone who is falling over themselves to get to you. Find a common interest, or something that you are both into like a sport. Get to know her as a friend, someone you hang out with.

Do NOT under ANY circumstances:
- give her anything you have drawn, composed, or made up for her
- tell her that she is the only thing you can think about or that you love her

Girls like guys who are popular with other girls and vice versa. Become friends with lots of other girls, this should pique your girl’s interest as she will want to know why your are so popular and people like you. Soppy romantics don’t get the girls, popular boys do

Nice Guys – Lyrics [ Chester See, Kev Jumba, Nigahiga ]

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