I Still Love My Ex Love Poems

I Still Love My Ex Love Poems

When your relationship has come to a sudden end and your heart is broken, it can often help to write I still love my ex love poems. By writing a love poem to your ex and giving it to him or her, not only are you increasing your chances of getting them back again because they get to know how you really feel about them – you are also letting go of some of the intense heartache pressure that is tormenting your entire mind.

This article provides you with several tips on how to write a Still Love My Ex Love Poem. Read it and find inspiration and ideas to put into words the way you feel about being back together with your ex.

When you have broken off with someone, there are various ways you can try to get back with your ex. You can try a break-up love poem to melt her or his heart such as this one below.

Poems go beyond the cute little love notes and clich├Ęs like “roses are red and vioets are blue”. Poems allows for thinking outside the box and doing something unexpected unless you are a poet! If you have suffered heartbreak, you may be wondering “can poems help to get my ex back?”

If you are thinking about how to win your ex back, you may want to consider using poems. This will be a little unexpected for your ex which doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to work but it is something to consider as you try to win your ex back. You will have to consider your ex first and determine whether they like poetry and would therefore respond positively to a poem written by you.

If poetry is the last thing your ex would expect you to do to try to win him or her back or if your ex does not like poetry, your ex may still get a kick out of you doing this and while this may not win him or her back immediately, they may start to see you in a new more positive light.

While there are no guarantees that writing your ex a poem will help you get your ex back, if you decide that this is the route you want to take, here are some suggestions.

1. Before attempting to write your ex a poem, take some time to research. Check out a book of poems at the library and read through a few poems to give you some inspiration or guidance. Do remember that a poem straight from the heart is the best way to go whether your ex is receptive or not.

2. The poem doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme. Most don’t. The ones that do are mainly classic poems from poets for whom poetry is their job and passion. Using free verse for a get back together poem, which is from the heart, works the best. This kind does not have to rhyme.

3. Be yourself. Don’t try to sound like Shakespeare or one of the other greats. Put down how you really feel about your ex and what he or she added to your life which will be more meaningful. If you are still madly in love with your ex, be clear about it and write it down.

4. Keep it simple. Use plain language with very clear meaning so there is no room for misunderstanding. You don’t want the meaning to get lost in translation by using big words or flowery language.

5. If on the other hand you are still stuck for words or you are not happy with what you have come up with, find a love poem that expresses how you feel. There are literally thousands and thousands of love poems for you to choose from online, at the local library, etc.

When you find one you like, include it in a letter or card to your ex. Don’t email it though. Letter writing is a lost art and taking the time to do this will show how thoughtful you are.


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