I still love my ex husband, you say? As you might realize, this is a quite common feeling amongst many separated or divorced women. Even if you are hurting inside, you should know that you are certainly not alone. This article will answer many of your questions regarding your thoughts, feelings and actions when it comes to how to handle the fact that you miss him and want him back into your life.

So many people ask me this question, I still love my ex husband or boyfriend, and he is now going to marry another woman, my feelings towards him are so lively.

Still Love My Ex Husband

The question is: What should a woman do to prevent her ex husband or ex boyfriend from marrying another woman?

First of all, let us face the ugly truth, far away from all love fantasies and dreams. How could someone you have loved, cherished and adored -to the extent you became a husband and wife, or a happy couple- leave you in a way like that?

Love is blind; it makes us fool every day and night, so before you can possibly do anything to prevent your ex from marrying another woman, you must remove that blindfold and face the sunbeams.

Remember, if your ex loves you, he would not treat you as a doormat, love is about taking and giving, if you kept giving and giving without taking, this is a hopeless and unrequited love.

So, here goes the plan we are going to lay down if you really want to get back your ex who is getting married.

-Do not contact your ex at any cost; do not ask him for forgiveness. If all these memorable moments and intimate times you had have no assets in his heart and soul, he does not deserve any compromise.

-An effective method is to write all your feelings on a paper, set down for an hour and drain all your feelings on paper, this will help neutralize all the negative emotional energy you have, after doing that, turn off the light and burn the paper slowly while looking at it, repeating this for several days will help you.

- Write journals about your life without your ex in it, write about things that catch your attention, take photos, make a scrapbook of these things and photos, when you return to these papers later you are going to find something interesting and meaningful.

-Go out with your friends and family, go hiking, discover that beach near your city, or go for a road trip in the countryside.

-Find new interests, meet new people, do not stay at home crying because your ex husband or boyfriend is going to marry. Your life will continue whether you were with or without him, you will discover how narrow the world you locked yourself in with him was.

Your emotional state depends on your state of mind; with the power of mind you can do anything.

As they say: whatever a mind can conceive, it can achieve. Who knows, if you met your ex and he sees you ready to move on, acting confidently and strongly, with all those attractive people, close friends, and supporting family around you, he might realize how bad he has behaved, and he might dump his new girlfriend and seek your forgiveness.

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