Here are five ways to avoid divorce or a break up. Learn the real secrets to making up.

Any relationship is difficult to hold and there are no easy ways to make the relationship last. A lasting marriage requires a lot of work, and although divorce is a common thing now, there are some things you can do to prevent divorce happens and save you from heartache.

Keep communication channels open. If you know you can always talk to your spouse and be honest with your feelings, your relationship will always work and will last for many years.

Every one needs someone to talk to and if you are the kind of spouse who keeps the lines of communication open, you can prevent divorce happens.

Your spouse does not need to look for other people outside the marriage to speak with because he or she knows that communication in marriage is always open.

Be open with your feelings, especially when things go bad. Sometimes, relationships fall apart because the couple is not open and honest with their feelings.

When there are things in marriage that concern you or bothers you, it is best to open up with your spouse and talk about the problem than to keep it to yourself. People who are afraid to open up their true feelings for her spouse is vulnerable to extramarital affairs.

Do things together. Find a common interest or hobby and do it together. Doing things together that you both like is a good way to bond with each other.

Bonding activities are important if you want to prevent divorce happens. You can take photography classes together, watch concerts, dance or sing along, participate in charity work together and so on. It does not matter what it is as long as you both enjoy doing it together, and it can make the relationship stronger.

Do your own thing separately. Using too much time with each other can be so tiring and overwhelming. To avoid boredom and prevent divorce happens, take some time to yourself and do your own thing.

At the same time, give your spouse his or her own time to do the things they want to do. For him, it can be to play basketball with his friends and for her it might be shopping or going to a salon with her friends.

Make time for romance and intimacy. You must have time to be intimate with each other. Cuddling, kissing and sex is very important to keep love and romance in your marriage.

There are many things that you both can do to make marriage more exciting and prevent divorce happens.


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