How To Contact My Ex Girlfriend
We were together for 4 years, we have a 2 year old son together.

We broke up back in February.

We got back together around Easter time and things were great, she complained because I would ask about us officially being back together and stuff even tho we lived together and slept together.

For the most part we shared the same beliefs, drinking was dumb, drugs were dumb all that stuff.

Then she got into a fight with her family and they said she wasted her life due to the child and to stop butting in and ruining their good times.

Immediately after that she started partying and we broke up a day later, and ever since then I have had our son most of the time, she gets him sporadically but mostly comes up with excuses not to and seems to act like she misses him.

I found out she has a new boyfriend now. Everyone keeps telling me if I stay away and keep no contact with her she will come back because she will not find anyone better than me, to do all that I have done, because basically for 4 years I have been her family, taking care of her and all that.

She flunked out of her college class, and just seems to only care about her friends and herself.

Does anyone know of a way for me to turn this around and get her and my family back together?

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